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To restore or not to restore...

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Hello Gents,

I know there are different schools of thought on restoration so I was hoping to get opinions from the experts. I've had this 6217-8001 for quite a while and haven't done anything with it. I think it's time. The case isn't in too bad condition and the movement is okay. The date wheel is stained. It's the dial that I am most concerned. It is in pretty rough shape. I go back and forth on restoring it. What do you guys think? Restore, replace, or leave it alone... Thanks!

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I'd vote for polishing the markers to remove surface rust and sealing the dial to arrest future deteriation, but leaving everything else as is.

The lume isn't in too bad shape, and the surface of the dial looks amazing.

Cool dial - congrats.
I just plain disagree about this dial being too 'far gone' / rusty old junk.

If the applied Seiko logo was degraded and/or the dial text was worn/missing/illegible, then I'd be on the same page.

But.. despite all the aging/wear on the dial, the logo and text are clear as day, which is pretty amazing.

As the watch is, I think it looks great, and it would bum me out to see it painted over.
Hope we're not hijacking your thread, JLN -

Re: SoCal/Ratrods.
I'm NoCal/NOS-to-Minty - I just happen to look at this dial and think "whoah - cool" not "whoah - yuck" (except for the surface rust on the markers, which I'd polish to match the applied Seiko logo).

Probably biased by my own patina'd 6217:

I can see why JLN is torn. Just thought I'd chime in with a 'cool' to counter the 'yuck' crowd.
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Good call about brassing Duncan - didn't think about that.
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