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If the object, the dial in this case, was incredibly rare, or of significant historical importance, then I'd go the conservation route for sure. But it's not off some rare and valuable Rolex.

If it was conserved I doubt it'd look quite as good as the one posted by estrickland. Though, funnily enough, the conservation route would likely be the cheapest path. The markers and lume could be tidied up quite easily, but the dial is what it is unfortunately.

I have a feeling that full restoration would cost a small fortune and may not be financially worth it.

But it boils down to what you want from the project. What level of 'perfection' suits you. Personally I do like a watch to look fairly decent, and that dial doesn't do it for me, it's over the limit. Trouble is that if you have the dial restored then the rest of the watch needs to be mint too, or the 'balance' will be wrong. could either go with an overall conserved look and I'm sure it wouldn't look too horrendous under a crystal. Or you go with a really well presented one. Your choice.

Interesting discussion, and one for which there is no definitive answer I suspect. Where are we placing 6217s in the grand scheme of things?!

Edit: The other option is too sling it in the drawer for posterity, save your money and look for a better dial :)
1 - 4 of 53 Posts
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