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Tissot Sea-Touch

Hi guys, I got recently and finally getting around to review it.
So, this baby is totally FUN!!!
I've always loved the Tissot T-Touch tech, and trying some out at an AD a while back,
I knew I'd have to get one some day.
I was sold on the video's, i'm a sucker for good marketing.
This has compass/thermo/chrono/alarm/dive log/dive mode/duo timezones/backlit lcd
Its missing the altimeter function from the T-Touch expert, but hey, this is a DIVE WATCH baby! ;)
Its got full lume bezel, hands, dial, hour markers. And did I mention its backlit? SWEET!!!
sadly the bezel is fixed, I read mixed info on the net that said it rotated but thats false.
There is a sleep mode, where it sets the clock dormant and shuts down to conserve power when not in use. Cool.
I've been in a quartz craze since the new year. And this one has been the most fun. I really need to go diving now.
I've had the citizen 20th anniversary Aqualand diver, that was cool, but this one is much more fun. Not sure how
accurate it is but only time will tell if I get to go diving.
This watch is not really a dive computer per se. But its a dive tool, used mostly for snorkeling, free diving, and shallow scuba diving.
Its rated for 200m so thats more than efficient enough for a scuba adventure. ;)
Compass action is pretty good once calibrated.
Thermo is good, but on the wrist it will be off due to body temp of course. But off the wrist its good to go. I think I read to take
a reading after 20mins to acclimate to surrounding temp. I'm sure in the ocean it wouldn't make a difference on the wrist when reading temp.
I love my mechanicals, but with the quartz additions ie. g-shocks/seiko's now this, grab and go is darn sweet.
I haven't had so much fun in a while. So much functions, touch screen functionality is too cool.
I didn't get the Tissot orange rubber strap, but its one that needs to be cut and sized. Not a fan of those if considering for resale.
But I slapped on the orange Isofrane, and its killer.
I also have an adapted/fitted Breitling SS bracelet for some bling if needed.
I've heard some early Tissot T-Touch modules had issues and many complain about the lack of backlit lcd. Well, this one is great so far, and
its got a cool red backlit lcd. All usable underwater of course. The buttons/pushers all rubberized.

There you have it, my most fun dive watch to date. Love it!
Enjoy the pics.

these videos are what sold me in the end.

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