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Authored by Leon Eckell

Timex Ironman Shock Proof Verses Casio G-Shock DW-5600E

Here is a post that I did for the Casio Watch Forum on Watchuseek which I am a co-moderator on.
I would advise you all to check out one of these new Timex's as while they are not up to seiko specs they are quite tough in their own right. I own 2 of them a vintage Ironman from 1987(Which i wore from 1987 to 1999 everyday and after that every weekend. It was retired in May to be replaced by the watch being reviewed. Granted Seiko and G-Shocks are designed to be abused and take it(Pleanty of Seikos that went to Vietnam and are still working well with out service and plenty of First Gen G-Shocks getting wacked around)How ever It scares me to put scratches on the Seikos and G-Shocks(even though they are susposed to be banged around) and seem to wear this Timex Shock proof Ironman that I paid $16 at Sears on clearence anywhere that a danger zone exists for a watch(like at the junk yard) and it has come though like a champ. So i reccomend that you check a timex out

From May 29th 2005

Greetings Gents,
I feel it is time for a comparison against Casio and its American competator Timex.

Up for comparison is the Timex Ironman Shock Resistant 62962 verses the DW-5600E

Features of the Timex

1. Shock resistant complies with US. FTC standards(Timex has other Shock Resistant watches that are ISO complient but I don't know why this one is only FTC)
2 Indiglo(Timex came out with their light system before Casio)
3 count down Timer
4 Alarm
5 Stop watch
6 day indiglo(compsition of the LCD screen makes time easier to read when sun hits it)
7 200m water resist
Current model since 2003
Price from Timex $50 US

Features of the DW-5600E
1. Shock Resistant ISO standards
2. Battery Draining EL
3. Count down timer
4 Stopwatch
5 Alarm
6 Calander that is good till 2039
7 200m water resist
Current model since 1996
Price from Casio $69.99(Can be bought at Wal-Mart for a lot cheaper)

I was walking though my local Sears store and noticed this Timex on the Clearence table for $26.99 so I bought to replace my aging 1990 Timex Ironman(It was pretty beat up but still working perfect)

I started wearing it while on a recent trip to Ireland. So with nothing better to do this weekend i decided to compare it with a DW-5600 I bought in Ireland(also on clearence)

Both these watches are part of lines of watches that have been around since the 1980's. The G-Shock DW-5600E started in 1983 as the DW-5000 and the Timex Ironman started life as the basic Ironman in 1986. The Casio G-Shock was of course shock proof and was in a metal case while the Timex Ironman was always a composite plastic watch with the 4 screw plate back. I could not compare the 2 originals because a metal cased watch always wins how ever the fact that the current DW-5600e is a plastic composit watch also allows me the chance now to do so.

So here is the review::

The straps:
DW-5600E-resin strap and double velcro strap options
Ironman Shock resistant- Velcro strap and resin strap

The Timex because the Velcro strap is a one piece strap that is comfotable and also allows watch to be worn under coat.To replace a Timex(Or any other watch) strap with Timex's strap you don't need any adaptors like on the G-Shock.(Note The Timex Velcro strap works great on a G-Shock too)


Timex- plastic
DW-5600E- Plastic case covered over by a resin bezal

The DW-5600E because if the bezal gets ruined you can replace it with a new bezal

Timex- big display
DW-5600- small Display

Timex as I think the DW-5600e could have a tad bigger display(Note: current G5600 and GW5600 do have the big display

Back light

Timex- Indiglo, have to hold buttom to keep light on, but has night mode that allows it to be turned on for 8 hours at the press of any button.

DW-5600E- EL light you push button and let go and it stays on for about 1.5 seconds. Battery draining and has caused this watch watch to fail the 3rd tier of the triple 10 requirements that Casio designed it for.(Triple 10:Battery lasts for 10 years, 100m resistance to water(Changed to 200m right from start) and able to withstand gravity)


Timex(If the first Indiglo Iron man is any proof to longevity of the Battery when using light a lot then this one will pass also(I just replaced my battery on the old Ironman about 2 years ago after a period of 8 years

Durabliity and legend

Winner is both as they both are famous for longevity and durablity

Long term projection

DW5600E- will last a long time based on projections of past DW-5XXX's (they are like Seikos in which you have to go out of your way to try to break

Timex Iron Man- since this watch is been out only about 1-2 years long term is hard to say but based on other non shock resistant timex ironmen I say its chances are very good it will last for a long time

Gripes about both:

DW-5600E has buttons that like to stick(based on past experience)
Timex has that gray painted case that the paint likes to wear away.(Casio has this problem with thier watches too)


I like them both and realize that I could not be with out a Basic G-Shock or a Timex Ironman

I would advise all of you to buy a DW-5600E and also one Timex Ironman as they are great watches

P.S pictures show what a DW-5600E looks like, this is not the watch that I was using as a review item(The watch that was being reviewed is a DW-5600EV-1V)

The other picture is the actual timex but the pic was from the catalog

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