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Those characters on a SEIKO dial at 6:00 ...

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In the case of the Bell-matic -- Japan 4006-7010T AD Or sometimes no T and no AD or a different character. In some ways, it feels like we are starting fresh in the forum, but I won't be insulted if someone says "the search engine is your friend." ;D
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See? I knew someone would say that! :p

anzac1957 said:
OK.. The search engine is your friend.. ;D
I'm reporting this to a moderator!

axb said:
I think that the AD stands for more recent watches made in the last 2000 years! :D
You can't run from the past! ;D
Maybe there's something in the casing guides.

axb said:
Moderators Everywhere!!!

Just found an old post which answers your question, something to do with [size=1em]Turbidium...

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