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A guy contacting me wanting a 6309 with a Pepsi bezel, yellow dial/minute ring and Oyster strap.

After ordering the parts I made up the case and overhauled the movement.
The case resisted water in my Bergeon tester but when I release the pressure (my main test) it leaked :(

I asked him if that was ok. He said no so I fitted the parts to another case (after sanding/buffing it). Again as above it leaked :(
(now I have to make them into watches that I have to say they're not really water resistant and they're supposed to be divers watches:undecided:)

I pulled apart a good 6309 I had and fitted the parts to that.
It was good in the pressure tester:)

I finished the watch and sent it to him.
He was pleased and gave me more $ than I requested:)

Today I got an email today that he had the watch under running water and it leaked:mad:
It really pisses me off that I tried my best with this, made sure it was right and the pos leaks.

He'll send it back - it will or won't leak for me, I spend too long on it (again), sort it and send it back to him and'll be ok (again).

Just venting.


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There is something great about the 6309 case 7040 & 7290 cases. Bi rotational bezel and history that can't be replicated. There are some great mods on the SKX but it's not a 6309. Add to that the love of the 6 series movement over the 7s.
Comparing new with old, May as well say there are plenty of styles of 7s26 seiko 5's that are just as good if not better than the 6105.
Collectors collect not because it makes sense.
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