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This just in: Purple Night Monster!

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i've been so good for so long, then i fall off the wagon for this thing. i know it was way too much for what it is, but it sure looks nice!

it's been a while since i sized a monster bracelet, and this morning i spent the obligatory 20 minutes crawling around on the floor looking for a collar that popped out as i was trying to lock everything together. i don't remember the collars being such a pain when i got my OM years ago...have they changed the bracelet in some way (or has my eyesight and coordination just deteriorated that much)?

and of course you've got to take at least one shot of the "rocket ship" mode:

anybody had experience with the coating on this? how nice do i need to be to it?
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The next time you're working on one of those, take the bracelet apart inside a large clear plastic bag.

The purple colour is certainly eye catching.
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