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this is what i am wearing for Holland today.

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Great match it was.On to the cup this time !!!



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It was a great game indeed. After the first 45 minutes, Brazil basically fell apart. I think the team underestimated their rival and found themselves in hot water. An autogoal and then a red card expulsion made things extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the samba squad..

Quite frankly, I was not impressed with the Brazilian squad in this world cup.

Congratulations to the Netherlands squad. Even a #3 or #4 finish will be very significant. This cup is turning out to be full of surprises. Most of the "mighty" have fallen. Is Argentina or Germany next?
:p :) O:)

Thanks guys...

I was wearing a SBBN007 while watching the match between Brazil and the Netherlands. I am not a die-hard soccer or football, so I can't really give good comments on the match but on forehand it looked pretty obvious...
Well.. it turned out better, luckily.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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