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This Ain't No CBP!! Casio G-Shock G-5600 Review

Well, I just got my Casio G-5600 Tough Solar this morning from Higuchi.

First off, the usual quick delivery and outstanding packaging (which is kinda wasted on a watch like this, but I appreciate it very much - where it would really count is for things like all those Marine Masters you guys are ordering...haha). It got here in a little over 3 days and 76 hours if you wanna be more exact.

So, first, thanks very much to Higuchi.

The watch is everything Ryan said - very, very nice and there's no way I could possibly improve on his review. I did take a couple pictures and these won't be better than those factory jobs you've already seen, but I know people want to see them. Plus I wanted to try and capture the layering and depth that Ryan described and it is VERY cool. If you look close, you can see it fairly well in the second photo.

You gotta understand that, as I said in a previous post, I quit wearing these kinds of watches. I spent 20 years in the Air Force, and for about the last 7 or 8 wore this kinda stuff (I retired in 1994). Even after that, I was wearing Timex Ironmen. Since I switched over about a year ago, and then started heading down the automatic path, you're more likely to see me wearing something like this:

Plus I generally am not a big fan of the other round G-Shocks I've seen, mostly because they seem like all case and no display. Being a middle-aged guy, I like BIG numbers, and so I like the ones on the G-5600 A LOT.

About the only thing I might do (and I knew this before I got the watch) is to replace the plastic band with one of the kinda straps like Casio puts on their military editions that you see on sale various places on the net:

Might not look as integrated as the original, but I think it would be more comfortable and probably more durable, too.

Anyway, I'm still getting used to this one and I've only had it a couple of hours, and, as I said, it's not like what I've been wearing at all. And I haven't played with all the functions yet...

But my initial reaction is that it is very cool, techno, and 21st century looking, as trite as that all sounds. It'd look right at home on one of those operators you see wearing all that body armor and carrying all those weapons.

As for the price, I'd ask that you contact the "regulars" here and see what they quote you. Ryan's post said that he paid 9800 yen in Japan - you can expect to pay more than that, but not an excessive amount more.

The watch in the last image is a G-100DM - if you look on everybody's favorite auction site for "Casio military" you should find it no problem. There are a couple different variations - I actually seriously thought about getting one till I saw this G-5600. I could see how you'd want both if you were a "G-Shock head", because they are very different.
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