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The Seiko (Tuna & Shrouded Divers) Crystal Guide:

Authored by Poseidon-Jim

Hello everyone & welcome to the updated Seiko (Tuna & Shrouded Divers) watch crystal guide.

I have put this guide together because of the huge following that these Professional Diver tool watches have had since there introduction in 1975 till present day. Also due to the many questions from past present & future owners and enthusiast may have, regarding which crystal is needed for a particular watch model in question.

The following is a complete up to date list of OEM Seiko Part numbers for the various Shrouded & Tuna diver models AFAIK as of March 2010. The latest part numbers are shown for current replacement & interchangeability.

(Watch model = Seiko OEM Crystal)

150m Qtz. H558-500X Arnie = 310W60GA00 Flat hardlex
150m Qtz. H601-548X Arnie = 310P13HN02 Flat hardlex

200m Qtz. 7C43-6020 = 280WA6FA01 Flat hardlex
200m Kin. 5M23-6A19 = 280P06HN03 Flat hardlex

300m Qtz. 7549-7010 = 325W26HB0A Domed hardlex
300m Qtz. SBBN007/7C46-7010 = 325W16GA00/325W26HB0A Domed hardlex
300m Qtz. ScubaPro/1999 L.E. 7C46 = 325W26HB0A Domed hardlex
300m Qtz. MM SBBN015/017 = 325W26HB0A Domed hardlex

600m Auto 6159-701X = 335W08GA00 Flat hardlex
600m Qtz. Golden Ti 7549-700X = 335W10GA00 Flat hardlex
600m Auto SBDX005 L.E. 8L35-0030 = 335W10SB0A Flat hardlex/Sap/AR

1000m Qtz. Golden Ti 7C46-7008 = 335W10FA01 Flat hardlex
1000m Qtz. Golden Ti 7C46-7009 = 335W10FA01 Flat hardlex
1000m Qtz. Darth SBBN011/7C46-0AA0 = 335W10SB0A Flat hardlex/Sap/AR 1000m Qtz. Darth SBBN00E RobertMarx L.E. 7C46 = 335W10SB0A Flat hardlex/Sap/AR
1000m Qtz. Darth SBBN013 MM 7C46 = 335W10SB0A Flat hardlex/Sap/AR
1000m Auto SBDX011 8L35 MM = 335W10SB0A Flat hardlex/Sap/AR
1000m Quartz SBBN019 MM Wht. Dolphin L.E. 7C46 = 335W10SBOA Flat hardlex/Sap/AR

(Additionally, there are 2 models of Quartz 7C46 Professional divers that are considered part of the Tuna family. They are called the "Ashtray" 600m Divers & their information is as follows)

600m Quartz SS 7C46-6009 = 315W24FA01 Domed hardlex
600m Quartz Ti 7C46-6010 = 315W24FA01 Domed hardlex

(With regard to Original OEM part numbers)

Some original OEM numbers have been discontinued & replaced with current up to date replacement numbers.
For example, the 300m Tuna can crystal number #325W16GA00 has been replaced with OEM part #325W26HB0A.
These crystals are basically the same crystal, other than being maybe a mm thicker or so in height. This may also hold true of other older OEM crystal part numbers.

(Diameter Sizes Please Note)

The first 3 digits in the crystal part-code is the width size of the crystal in millimeters at its base. These are the main digits to be concerned with when sizing a crystal. You may use other compatible crystal numbers in the chart, as long as the 1st. 3 digits are the same. The other following digits relate to crystal thickness or height, coating or finish and edge bevel, and are of secondary importance compared to the first 3 digits which are it's size in Millimeters.

example: a 325 digit-code means the crystal is 32.5mm, and 335 digit-code means the crystal is 33.5mm.

Thank you all for reading the post & I hope this guide was helpful to you, and may you always be found in WISdom!

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