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Riehl Synchronar watch. This one has a more modern "sasm80" module. (google it and you'll understand)
It was supposed to be the last watch you'd ever need, silicon gel filled lexan case, solar panel and rechargeable batteries. In a sealed water proof package. One problem, 70's NiCad rechageable cells aren't exactly going to last, so they quickly wore out and started to leak, destroying the module. This one I soldered in modern Varta V40h NiMh cells, more capacity, but takes forever to charge...
The replacement Sasm80 works great, with the 70's look and feel, but not the fragile open wire bonds of the originals.

Solar cells on top.

Running on Varta V40 Nimh cells.

The sliders on top have little magnets, switching the reed switches you see alongside the solar cells. (the glass tubes)


Day and seconds:

Date. (you can choose between EU and US setting)

Leap year indication and correction of the speed of the movement. (+ four seconds a day in this picture)

Stainless steel case and bracelet.

In it's box

The instructions of the original module.

Neat ain't it :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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