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The 'project'

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As I mentioned on my hello thread, I have a project in mind that I need some expert guidance on.

First, a slight back story. I love my SPORK. A lot. I've owned it since 2010, (before they were cool ;) ), and it has become 'my watch' if that makes sense. I own many others, but this is the only one I would never sell.

However, as much as I love it, there are a couple of things I would change about it.
First is the chapter ring. something about the way markers line up with the bezel, irked me. I had a guy machine me a stainless steel one which I like but its a little too clean now;

The other thing that I never particularly liked was the movement. I could just about live with the non hacking but I'm not a fan of slower beat movements. I like a nice smooth sweep. This set the old cogs in motion and I decided to look for a new GMT movement to transplant into it.
I like the extra function, although I rarely travel anywhere, and it would also have the added benefit of allowing me to replace the plain stainless chapter ring I have with an engraved 24 hour one which would hopefully balance the face a little more.

It would have been very easy to pick up a cheap ETA driven GMT and used that but I wanted to keep everything Seiko if I could.
I originally bought a Spring Drive GMT watch but the date wheel was a completely different diameter. It could have been done but the work involved was massive and would have meant a new dial which I am keen to avoid.

I am now left with one choice that I can see. The Grand Seiko GMT movement, the 9S86 to be precise.

This is where I need your help fine forumers, looking at photo's, it looks like the date wheels should be similar so I reckon it's possible. I love the fact it's high-beat and being honest, I prefer a mechanical movement to the Spring Drive anyway.

Question is, where do I obtain info in this movement? and once I can confirm it will fit, where do I source one?

I don't mind buying a watch and hiving the movement but this seems an incredible waste. I spoke to KKH and they don't supply movements.

Final question, who to do the work? I'd like to work with somebody on this who shares my enthusiasm and can see the point in it all! I'm UK based so that would be my preference.

Regarding the point in it all, I know I could buy any number of GMT watches, even one containing the 9S86 for a whole lot less than this project will likely cost but then, logic rarely comes into this hobby does it!

Thanks for all those who have made it to the end of my ramblings and thank you in advance for any help and advice.

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Well..................the only thing I could think to say after reading your "project" was...........mmmmmmmmmmmm:)

Fun isent it ? :)
Well..................the only thing I could think to say after reading your "project" was...........mmmmmmmmmmmm:)

Fun isent it ? :)
I hope that's mmmmmmmmmmmm in a good way!
2nd silver chapter ring Spork posted here today. Has me wondering if there is a black chapter ring available for this model that matches the dial? I like the cleanness of the lack of minute indicators, so thinking maybe a black-only might look nice (not that the silver isn't nice, just not me).
Unfortunately, the after market chapter rings don't fit but you could always paint the stock one black.
I did find one from another model Seiko that fit though;

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Sorry I can't help Dave, bit of a noob when it comes to this stuff, but looking forward to see how things progress, sounds like a fun project (though costly!)
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