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The Postman Always Rings Thrice......or yet more..(6105 content)

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Some readers may recall my post about a year ago when I acquired my first 6105-8110 which was not perfect but with a little TLC and relume work from James Hyman is now looking very good and I thought this would now quench my thirst....

Later in the year I was tempted by the Typhoon T2 in its classic guise which is a wonderful watch that takes the 6105-8110/9 design features into the modern world. This should have eased if not cured my persistent itch for perfection and completed the stable.....but....

Recently I found myself thinning the herd of watches that I had not worn so much in the past twelve months with the quite reasonable plan of putting the cash back into the bank. But as the value of the PayPal account rose I found myself thinking this would fund a really nice 6105-8110/9 that would complete the collection and be the very last purchase....honestly..... I found myself absolutely helpless in the face of temptation and eventually succumbed to a new acquisition which is a very nice 6105-8110 from 1975 complete with the original box....but would this be the end?!

Sadly for the bank balance it was not! This latest purchase was followed a few weeks later by an impulse buy of a 6105-8110 with a 6309 movement in it which now has a 62MAS after market dial and hands installed.

Even though I knew I had to stop there I found myself bidding on Ebay for the another addition to the stable, a proof/proof 6105-8000 which has now spent time with James Hyman for an excellent relume and was completed with the arrival of a bezel spring from John B (Tiger). Surely this should now relieve the itch?

In my Google searches for the perfect specimens I was led to a site selling copies of Apocalypse Now (only £2.40 for the redux edition....) and thought "that was a good film, why not....?" So now I know I am definitely in need of professional help and sincerely hope that the SCWF moderators can provide counseling and rehabilitation before this addiction reaches its terminal stage.........that of my wife realizing that although all these watches look the same there is in fact many more of them… there any hope, help or sympathy out there?!

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.is there any hope, help or sympathy out there?!

Nah !:grin:
You are a hopeless case, Mark! :-D
You have my sympathies Mark. I am undergoing a similar affliction with 6309-704Xs, compounded by the fact that the production dates cover my birth-year. The affliction is beginning to diversify into citizen and orient cushion cases too...

I also love the looks of the asymmetrical 6105 and the typhoons but sadly/luckily they are out of my price range!

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Having said that you have my sympathies, that is a fantastic collection you have going there. Sympenvy?

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Thanks Mr TPG....I have neglected to mention the 6309 problem...there are quite a few of those as well....maybe Seiko will offer an immunisation programme?!
There is a Place like this

Well you could subscribe to medical treatment through the Internet and Postal Mail.
I am sure you can get your prescription filled that way also
but it is a lengthy process. I have heard through the grape vine
that there is a place of Re-habilitation and it is truly a good place
to get Treatment. This place is called ......:bigdigitalwis: .
And all you have to do is contact them through this website and it is
said they can help you with your need. Go to the internet and type
this into your browser ,
...... http//: www.scwf . com/forums/I Need HELP/Please.
Also a .... LIVE CHAT and SUPPORT , line is available.

They are the people that can help with you " Addictive Behavior " and start your
process to recovery. They also have a on-ine prescription place
called ........... www.SCWF/SCTF .com where your order is very speedily
and greatly filled.
They do except : Master Card, VISA, Discover, Bank America, and other payment systems.
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Some may call it weak, others blame it to the Watch Buying Addiction virus.
Some say that Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch, that he decides what time it is....but even old Chuck can't negate the power of a why would you?

Cheers, Matt
Some lovely examples you've got there. The proof/proof 8000 is very nice indeed. Hats off to James. If you saw a proof/proof 8110 could you stop yourself...?
I'ts called

Having a " Addicted Behavior " , so under-going
treatment is a must to do. Treatment is not full proof, but its helpful.
Just the thought to get it can save ones thinking but there this area of
" Loosing It ". also.:41:
I just don't understand all this talk :eek:k: surly what you are doing is normal, I hope so because i have been behaving something like this for years ?:67::97:

Those are beauts especially the one you got boxed :) have quite a impressive collection...i would love to have just one....
Mate look at it this way - - you are doing me a favour by acquiring them before I can.
Thanks cure, no hope, no sympathy....I will just have to give in to it!
Looks fantastic. Congratulations on all accounts.

Mark I can relate. We may have to share cab fare en-route to our therapy session.
Great looking pieces BTW!

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Wow I love the strap on the last one, where did you get that from, I have a 6105-8110 that needs stem poss crown and mainspring and a service and rebuild and it's gonna be my daily beater, but I have no strap and I like that one.
Perfectly understandable manifestation of a time honored phenomenon. Simply enjoy your 6105!

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I found the starp on e-bay. Just search on rubber diver strap and you will find dozens like this with a deployant clasp.....only about $6-8 if I remember correctly.
An awesome 6105, Mark. In great condition, indeed.

Congrats . . .

Capt. Serdal
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