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No, it's not made of SS or Plastic or glass. It's a software - any good image processing app will be OK, Photoshop is one.
It doesn't have to look perfect or super-realistic as you will see in this little demo.

First step - a photo of the watch. That photo was downloaded from the net but it looks exactly like my monster:
All polished surfaces were brushed, and color was taken out from the grooves in the bezel

Next - taking a Noah magnificent 7S26 yellow "Soxa" dial pic and "into" the case

Now - the hands, a beautiful set of Yobokies Dox-A black hands pic goes "onto" the dial

For a final touch, in order to make it look more real, a "domed crystal", made that one myself ;-)
(white brush with opacity, much easier than real world)

And now, I can examine the outcome - is it what I wanted? Does it look as I imagined?
I think it looks good, thanks to our modding parts designers who let us have the best of all worlds.

BTW: I've used the pics of the parts only for this demo. if anyone feels it's wrong
and I shouldn't, please forgive me, let me know and I'll erase it.

Thanks for looking,
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