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TGIF! 10th October WRUW?

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Hello seikoholics!

Yay its Friday, and the mailman arrived :)
I have always wanted one of these since I saw them in the 80s...

Opened up the packaging...and there it was :grin:

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Wrist

Described as working. Centre chrono hand not moving just shaking :confused:
Opened up caseback and got something like this :eek: (stolen pic)

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

The bent spring acts as a brake on the second hand I found from forums...
Gently moved it back so it was centred over the centre jewel.

Runs like a CHAMP! :grin:

Now I hope I got the moonphase set up right :p

That red moon the other night was amazing

Moon Nature Atmosphere Sky Black
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Orient royalty today... World Heritage LE..

Followed by this...

Omega Seamaster on black lizard...

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Have a great weekend all:)

no surprises here:grin:
You're making it hard for me not to want one, and probably everyone else too!
The white one right now. A little girlish but hey, I wanted the whole first collection of the Swatch System 51 :).
A DSSD will be on my left wrist this afternoon.

This post is written in perfectly good spanglish
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6105 for me.
Have a pleasant weekend peoples.


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Kinetic 200m diver.......:cool:......Bob.

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I normally like shiny but black does give a tool look (imo) and i like it :)

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Confused...stardate? Kinetic solar?
Tag teaming today.

SKXoo7 at the moment, but the MM300 later on :)

Have a great weekend everyone.
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Travelling so...

Currently in Tokyo so will do my best to add something to my Seiko collection before departure! :)
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Quick change

Daughter back from uni with a charity shop find
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Borrowed from the wife, Only gave it to her yesterday as a B day present,Birth year watch.


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