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Being the WIS I am I already owned 8 Sumos (3 black, 5 blue) but traded or sold all of them now and then.
I had been out of the Seiko communitiy for about 3 years or so but went back May this year and so it was only a matter of time till the 9th Sumo was on its way :)

I guess I already had a nice collection with a MM300, a SDGZ005, a SSC019, a SBFG001 and a SARX005.
But...even though the SARX005 is a very very nice watch it's been a bit of a problem to me that I can't read the time during night.
To be really bothered me and the watch stayed in the drawer most of the time.
So I needed something different in blue and since I'm a diver guy there wasn't that much to choose.
But...I didn't want just another Sumo. The Sumo is a good looking watch, very comfortable to wear with a great haptic...but I don't like the hands. I thought about getting MM300 hands for it and have one modded but decided against it because then the Sumo would be too close to my MM300 by its look.
Lucky me...falcon4311 over at WUS put up his sale thread for a very nice modded Sumo a few weeks ago and I knew I had to have it :D

So here it is...SBDC003 with OEM Omega PO hands and Harolds great BoR bracelet...I love it :)

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