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The other week I posted a "if you only had one watch for a week of traveling" inquiry, and I got lot's of great advice on what to wear for a cross-country trek ( I decided upon my Orange Sumo that I put the micro adjustment clasp from a 300MM on, and it worked out great at the various elevations and humidities (high as 2.2 miles, on down to sea level).

Well, about the same time I decided to complete the set, and today when I got back from the trip, waiting in my mailbox was a Black Sumo that rounds out the collection. If there is a better modern Seiko taking into account cost, durability, style, and comfort, I haven't met it. Wearing the orange one for a week solid has me thinking modding one at some point, as well as maybe seeing if they can be TST'd?

pics of the "family":

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