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Sumo Hands fit Sammy's?

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Good Evening
Please may I ask the WIS Wizards if Sumo [SBDC] hands fit Sammy's [SBDA]?
Thanks in anticipation
Greg [cashgrower]
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Post moved to the Japanese watch discussion section.

The answer is yes. the overwhelming majority of mechanical seikos, both modern and vintage use hands with the same axle diameters
Good Morning
Many, many thanks for this advice and my apologies for not dropping this request onto the correct Forum.
I trust it will take us older folk a little longer to get orientated on this new Board.
I am very appreciative of the fantastic design, layout and subtle changes to the new Board, particularly, that the Sales Forum is now split into FS & WTB, and sellers must ID their asking price in the subject line - I really, really like this.
Many thanks again.
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