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Struck Gold Again - Grand Seiko 5645-7005

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This one just landed today from Japan. It's a 1970 Grand Seiko 5645-7005 Hi-Beat in solid 18k with a lovely linen dial (it's not stained, that's the coloring). It was a surprise win on a low ball bid that I didn't think would hold. The photos weren't great - I couldn't tell what the condition of the case was. Well, she's here. She's unpolished and there's a barely a scratch on her. It looks fantastic. This one is smaller, less flashy and less expensive than my 6145 and my 3823-7030. It's great having a simpler gold dress watch for a wider variety of occasions.
I really grown to love wearing yellow gold. It gives me a nice fuzzy, slightly vain "I've made it" attitude. It also forces me to dress nicer.
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18k solid gold, linen dial, and unpolished; that's what I'd call a fantastic vintage find!
I bought a solid gold Hamilton watch a while ago in one of those rare moments where extra money was burning a hole in my pocket. If it's not a Rolex or other high end watch, the only person who knows it's gold is you. I think that's what makes it extra special.
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That is really, really nice.

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Looks great! An 18k Seiko is definitely on my shopping list.
Such a rare piece! Congrats!
Helluva Gold collection you are starting there Brad, congrats!

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