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Stem help needed on recent mod...

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well i am deep into a new mod and i am almost finished but ran into a slight 6309 stem and crown will not fit into a case that was originally fitted with a 7s26 movement...i see the 7s26 will come apart in two pieces..but the 6309 dress stem is one piece?..anyone ever run into this?....i do not want to drill the hole larger...but i will if i must..just hoping there is a better solution...thanks in advance..John
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Pictures speak a thousand words!. 7s26 diver's case or dress? If you can give the movement and case numbers (xxxx-xxxx) from the donor watch the 6309 crown and stem came from, and from the 7s26 one, it'll help enormously.
hey sorry...see what you is a 6309-8049 that i put inside a 7s26-02jo case..i have is original and second is my idea...i need to finish it but want to make sure before i get too excited...


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Hi, according to Borel, the crown male post is the same as a 6309 diver's watch (which is telescopic), they may be in error though - could you take a pic of the crown and stem please?
well i feel foolish...i did not take into consideration that dial can be setup for the 3 and 4 o'clock i need to modify the pins to make this work..back to the drawing board...
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