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Spring Drive Golden Tuna SBDB008

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This watch makes me happy.

She is number 256 of 300

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I have the original MarineMaster. It is a great watch. I have wanted to get the Spring Drive version and seeing these pictures only makes me want it more! Years ago I bought the Historical Diver model as a keepsake and I almost never wear it. Now I am thinking about selling it to buy this beauty.
Sasqwaatch- Wow-what a beauty-It literally takes my breath away !!! Congrats for having the luck and wisdom to buy this Seiko Spring drive Golden Tuna. This watch is not only Unique, but that Dial & hand combination is a pleasure to my eye to behold.What a magnificent and manly Timepiece. I'm sure anyone who spots that beauty on your wrist will not soon forget that special Seiko Golden Spring drive Tuna.You are one lucky and very special dude to acquire this one #256 of 300. Well done Amigo-You Sir,are a man of Very Good Taste in Watches! Wear it in good health and good luck, always.---
Eli ForSeiko
Beautiful watch. Been on the fence about getting the SBDB009, but really want the 008!!!!
Very kind everyone, thank you!!! I'm still not very good at using the forums so I apologize for the late response. Happy Holidays & a safe and fulfilling new year to everyone!
Greetings from Norway, sasqwaatch :)

If you ever contemplate on selling your SBDB008, please send me a PM ;-) This holy grail is really hard to get.

Best regards

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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