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This was my trip to the boutique to see the SpaceWalk ;)

I guess many didn't google the last line in my initial post there. Especially considering what this day signifies. Hehe. :p
April fool's.

Sorry guys, I didn't have $25k to plonk down for this, but I did have it for my mini review here. ;)
Only a spaceman for a day.

I had made a pilgrimage to the Seiko boutique to see the holy grail, SpaceWalk.

The sweep hand is smooth as you can see in the video.

Case design is very cool, as the sides are cut out, almost skeletonized, also shedding some weight I'm sure.
Its case design is similar to that of the Eterna Kontiki concept diver or the Linde Werdelin Spidolight case.

Made of titanium, this watch is huge, and surprising super light.

Seems very solid and thick enough on the wrist, it could pass for a deep diver. But its only 100m WR.

Comes in two size straps, a 10" and 18" I believe. One for wrist and other for space suit.

This LE is only of 100 made, but I'm sure made to order. This one will cost you $25,000.00 in Canada.

Very unique, easy access chrono buttons bullhead style.

Crown winding is smooth, but got some grit and bite to it.

Cool GMT hand , power reserve and chronom are nice complications to this space wonder.

This is a winner in my book, one that Seiko fully realized from conceptualization.

I would only hope that Seiko took this one and made a mini me at a more affordable price, for the mass market.
Lets say squeeze it down to 48mm at a $3k pricepoint it would be a real seller. IMHO.

Great watch if you can afford it. A very exclusive club no doubt. ;)

SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk LE 100 pieces


Caliber: Spring Drive Chronograph 5R86
Case: High-intensity Titanium
Diameter 53.0 mm (12-6h) , 48.7 mm (3-9h)
Thickness 15.2 mm
Weight 92.5 g
Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 10 Bar
Bracelet: The final specification is yet to be decided. SEIKO is now working with the Russian Federal Space Agency on the optimum design.

Spring Drive Chronograph Caliber 5R86:

Hour, minute and second hands with calendar
GMT hand
Power reserve indicator
50 jewels
Movement Diameter : 30.0mm
Thickness: 7.6 mm
416 parts
Power reserve : 72 hours with/without chronograph function in use
Chronograph to 12 hours

more pics here.

to see the SpaceWalk in action,spring driven smooth sweeping hand
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