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Sometimes it's hard, but ...............

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After the success I had with the last 6306 i used in a TST a friend told me he had a non diver 6306 he would sell me so deal done and it arrived today, unfortunately in the flesh it is quite nice and the bracelet even fits, always a bonus IMO.

I wore it half the day and then tried it on the Timegrapher and for a 37 year old movement it is running very nice and looks super clean.

Almost tempted to just drop the movement in a TST as it is and see how it looks before I customise it.

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Wow - 0 sec/day with good amplitude and lift angle - that's not 'running very nice' - that's incredible. Something tells me a service along the way the last 37 years.

Congrats - I like the look just the way it is - will take some guts to make it a TST donor but good luck whichever way you choose to go !
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