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I have long liked the look of the Alba Orvitax models, seen below in an image stolen from , apologies for the lift.

Thats a fine looking watch, right? Love the industrial design cues, the materials, and most of all the very nicely weighted dial, sharp and clean sharing some style with the SUS designs from Seiko but for me doing it in a less contrived way. And then combine the Tuna type shroud, this looks to be a solid chunky watch.

So I looked at them go by for a few years until finally one that wouldnt cost too much came up and decided I would go fish. And what a surprise...

All great, but what I had not appreciated was....

Its tiny! Seen here with two examples of the 7a28 (spiritual parent!), even they are larger than the Orvitax, and in a more modern selection of watches they tend to look tiny...

Seen here between the 7a28-7049 and a 7C43-7010. Lovely watch, really a lovely dial, just too small for me.

Sigh, ah well, back to fishing in Japanese waters, hopefully my next oddball find will be more like I imagined!
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