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I bid on this TAG Heuer on a national auction here.
Someone was bidding against me so the price went higher than I would've liked....

Anyway I got it for $168 (NZ).

He had put it in a drawer some years ago after it stopped, took it into a high end watch shop and was told it had rust damage and would be $300 to fix:(

I didn't know what movement it had but I was pretty sure it would be an ETA 955 so easy to get parts for.

After getting it I put a new battery in the watch and it started going. I couldn't see any water damage.
I then found it was gaining time - which can only mean one thing with a quartz watch - a circuit fault.
I have a replacement. I replaced the circuit and its going fine.
That was obviously the fault.

I've given the strap a light sand and the case strap a clean and I'm going to relist it - covering my time, circuit and a nice little profit:grin:


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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