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I brought a broken 6105 some time ago

It was beaten and the crowntube was damaged so i figure i go the long way and try to update it to a modern dive watch that incorporates a 6309 movement. crown and tube, MM300 dial and a lower modern crystal,

The old crowntube was drilled out and i got my self a 5,75 mill, and started to mill down the case to a 6309 crowntube spec.

it’s a time-consuming job as its so crustal to get it 100% right

The crowntube is press-fit and glued after some test with one that was prepared and grind in my latte. Now pre-mounted as test against the movement was a success

Now i was in the mood for some mod
Dial MM300 and was tested against a 6309 chapter-ring i think its a match

The sad part is that the 6309 case is thicker so i got to take 0,75mm of the chapter-ring to make space for everything.

Against the original 6105 capter you can see the difference.

the dial has to have some minor re shape to fit the 6105 case
and the lower dialfeet was removed.

One dialfeet has to be cut the other is used to fix the dial to the movementholder that was shaped from a dress 6309 watch
in the 6309 movement its hatches that take on the movementholder in a different position.

The chapterring is fitted to the case and crystal is mounted
This is a painful job as slightest of against index look totally wrong

Movement is now mounted

Ready for action

Hope you like it Jonas Straka

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I love threads like this - thanks for sharing - nice watch!
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