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Some one got a Smokin' deal

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:s_hi: Buuuuuuttttttt it needs a new battery.....:sign0065:.......Bob.
:s_hi: Buuuuuuttttttt it needs a new battery.....:sign0065:.......Bob.
Yea and a service, crystal, bezel/tachy insert, pushers, dial ring, gaskets and anything else that can not be seen.
I'm pretty sure I can scrounge up a battery for it :)
wow...those deals are still out there...great find
Is that user on these boards still?
Looks like the buyer can be found here.
Been looking at these for ages, at that price I feel like I could cry.
Regards, David

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Tim got a great deal on that Bullhead. According to the seller he picked it up for $1 at a garage sale. That's the kind of find we all dream about.
I missed out on this auction a few weeks back. My phone died at work and when I used a colleagues his net died on me!
I wanted to vomit. I hope the winning bidder had bid up to $200 at least.
wow...that last one reminded me of one i had just recently...i had it won till ebay froze..i got outbid buy 50 cents...that one still stings...
Just goes to show you the deals are out there! You just have to do your homework when it comes to searching.
It's typical, i always look for badly advertised watches. So if the seller had put model numbers and words like automatic chronograph in there it would have sold for a lot more. I used this method to get my chronographe suisse for £45, but it took a while to find
Buy it now or take the risk.... Decided to snap this one up before anyone else got the chance.
Will see if its worth the punt....
Thats how its done ......

When they show up, if you want them go for it. The price is met and then it is yours.
But if the price is little high and it still has potential and you don't suffer the funding
lost then you are doing good.
That's it.
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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