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Some more Japanese POP and promo items

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In my latest delivery from Japan I had a range of various point of purchase and promo items.

The first one is a Citizen Crystron tie clip.

I have not translated the text on the back of this one yet.

Next is a similar Seiko Elnix tie clip. This one has no marking on the back.

It is a nice addition and with my Wako Seiko tie clips

and my Seiko Quartz tie clip and cuff link set, I am starting to get a few of these.

Next up was a playing card deck featuring C-chan the Citizen mascot.

I think these are just a standard deck of cards with C-chan Jokers, but as the original packaging is sealed I am not sure.

These make a nice combination with my Citizen Hello cards.

Lastly is a Seiko patch that I believe is from a store sales assistant coat.

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Brilliant! I just love vintage paraphernalia like this... the SQ cufflinks and tie set is fabulous, I would definitely wear those, and only a true Seiko head would notice them and know what they meant.....
These are the items that are always great to see.

Thanks for sharing.

Especially the cufflinks and patch.
Neat Stuff :)
Thanks everyone for the comments.

I have not worn the cufflinks yet but have work the Wako tie clip and received complements on it.

I forgot that I also got this Citizen Razor Blade.

I believe that razor blades used to come with various company advertising on them and this one is obviously for Citizen.

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Really nice "stuff", I think the translation on the back was "Made in China" :)
Really nice "stuff", I think the translation on the back was "Made in China" :)
Thanks for prompting me to do the translation.

It actually seems to say "シチズン水晶時計技術講習会記念" which translates to "Citizen quartz watch technology workshops Memorial", so I guess this is a clip they gave to attendees of a Crystron training workshop.
Anyone got some spare promo items to offer? I'm pretty much hoping to get a citizen boy mascot....
the cock-and-balls Seiko Quartz logo gets me every time :)
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