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I found some funny things during my work on Seiko's these days, have a look ...

First is a stem of a 6139-6002 with the gear for the rotating dial ring.
Someone has glued the stem to the crown - ouch - then in need of the orign crown gasket he used two little ordinary gaskets -
and finaly glued the gear for the rotating dial ring too, perhaps in need of the necessary lille spring??
The tiny gear says "thanks" and lost a dent - fortunately the rotating dial ring has survived :sleep:

The second thing is well-known, if there is more power needed to change the Day/Date, no problem, continue turning ... oups, now its easy to turn ... and the intermediate date wheel is cracked.

Third funny thing is easy to handle by yourself: you've lost the screw for the oscillating wight? No problem, have a look into your DIY-box, there you shurly can find a screw :sleep:
Uups - rotor noise? Unbelievable ....

Fourthly funny thing is the story of an oblivious watchmaker.
For he always forgot the direction of inwinding a mainspring into the barrel, he scratched a sign for the direction inside the barrel.
Well, perhaps this will prevent the oblivious watchmaler from Alzheimer but the mainspring will get dents and dots - and your timing machine will be seasick :grin:

Fifthly was the detection of a selfmade Day/Date finger.
Why not produce your missing parts yourself? A bite of sheet brass, a file and here we go ...

The last one for today.
You know well how rare spare parts for the 6138 are. A broken minute record jumper? No problem, once more a look in your DIY grab ...
But this one is ingenious, it was shurely a very intelligent watchmaker who has produced this part. And the minute counter of this 6138 is working perfect!!!

Hope you are amused now,
best regards from France, Peter


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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