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The description in eBay Auction #291316277571 has some neat, specific info about the sales price and reputation of the watches we all love during the Vietnam War that I thought was worth sharing and preserving for future collectors:

Offering a NOS Seiko 6119-8086 Serial # 227868 from Feb. 1972 complete with box and papers. I have owned this watch since 1972. It was purchased in an US Army PX in Korea by a friend. I was drafted in 1966, got out in 1968 after serving 2 years. While overseas in Asia, I noticed the PX's were full of Seikos. Almost all the GI's were buying them since they were very good cheap timekeepers and not readily available in the US. At the time, if you saw someone wearing a Seiko, you could almost bet it came from an Asian PX. Unfortunately, I came home without one since I had a perfectly good Timex. Coming home without a Seiko was my biggest regret of those 2 years. Then in 1972, my best friend was shipped to Korea and purchased 3 of these for me. He just picked out the most expensive Seikos in the PX. They were $17 each. I wore mine for about 12 years and my Dad wore his for about the same time. This one stayed in the box where it has been for the last 42 years. Time for someone else to enjoy it.

Too bad the one he stuck away was a gold one and not a 6105! Can you imagine if one of those came out of hiding like this one???


jon in SF
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