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Some 6105's and 6217..pic's

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Hi, some pic's of my 6105's and my 6217 divers..I just received an original waffle strap for the 62mas so she is now complete..I hope you like them. Clayton

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Very nice Clayton, they look a treat
Excellent trio & photos Clayton ;)

I think it's awesome to see 30-40 year old divers that look brand new ;D

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Wow, absolutely stunning! They look to be in excellent condition! :)
What can you say ?? that is some collection Clayton, i don't want to even imagine trying to get a set like that !! :)
Its always an experience when you post from your collection - this time was no exception! Those really are landmark, heritage pieces!
Some of the best examples I have ever seen, Clayton! These look flawless and pristine....
To get them into such perfect condition just has to take an extraordinary amount of patience and funds. I really admire your dedication.
You must be really proud of them.
Stunning, what an awesome set....
If there is such a thing as a name for a Condition of something Higher then "Perfect" that would be the term I would use?

They really are Spectacular, Pictures that will be looked at for generations to come. Being that you are Young, you will be able to see the Positive Impact "with a bit of ENVEY" on
future Collectors. I often think, how many 6105s in this condition will be available to those that come 40 yrs from now?? It will be 2050 and the 6105s will be
finished celebrating there 75th Birthdays, I get such a kick, picturing the Excitement, when someone finds a RARE tucked away 6105 that one of us Older Folks
left behind.

You will be sitting with your Grand or Great Grand kids, helping you up, to get to the Safe, to show all Cramps Old Watches, that still look NEW

Someday Post the little collection of NOS Seiko s that have been started for her, before she was Born, That will be a Cute Post next to yours.

Well she will be big enough soon to fit one on her Thigh.

BTW PETE K in AU his Daughter Gave birth about 2 Hrs ago, a little Girle named Gabriela a Playmate for you daughter Clair.

I am not sure to Post to Congratulate Him, he touches many of our lives in such a Positive way.
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Absolutely stunning Clayton.
No need to wait 40 years for the "envy", though to be on the positive side there is more "Sheer admiration".

Can I ask if you have any special treatment / storage conditions for the waffle straps or tips on prolonging their life?
These are few of my favourite..........

6217-8001 1967's



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Two of my favorite vintage divers ;)

These are the finest examples of two beautiful classics. :)
I wish these were reissued in this modern age. But we can only get lucky and hopefully restore one of these beauties to such a state of perfection.

Always a joy to see these babies is such pristine shape. I'd love to see these as often as I can.
Please post these regularly to bring some Seiko old school class into our days. ;)

Cheers, Dave.
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