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This is a lot of three watch tools. All are in like new condition; used either once or not at all. They're just extras that I have lying around. My hope is that they can be useful to another WIS brother.

1) Horb caseback opening ball - this is a sticky ball for opening screw-down casebacks.

2) Case knife - wooden handle and stainless knife used for opening pop-off casebacks, bezels, and other prying excercises.

3) Rubber air puffer - this is for popping out crystals on vintage watches, blowing off dials/hands, etc. It has a clear plastic tip on the metal so you won't accidentally bump and scratch something important.

SOLD FOR $11 gets all three
- Free shipping!
- Free PayPal!

E-mail me at stumpbass {at} if you're interested. Thanks for looking!


These tools ship to USA from Florida for FREE. Payment accepted via
PayPal only. PM or e-mail me if you're interested!

-- I will only ship within the USA.
-- I will eat all shipping costs and PayPal fees - the price we agree upon is the only amount you'll pay.
-- I will ship to your PayPal confirmed address only.

I am PayPal verified. Forum references available on request. For other references, please
check me out on eBay. My handle is stumpbass1 and my current rep is 100% positive
feedback (121).

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