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SOLD! Vintage "tailfin-era" Strap Removal Tool in original packaging, $12.00


For your consideration here is an original vintage strap removal tool in the original blister packaging. It looks as if it came manufactured in a strip of 10-12 pieces, perhaps displayed in the checkout area of a store, and detached from the strip as they were sold, one by one.

It was in my Grandaddy's watch drawer for many years, but was never opened. The red/white circa late 1950s-early 1960s packaging is in pretty good shape, with the tool itself and a couple of unused springbars inside with it. There is a nifty period illustration of how to use the tool on the back of the package (see photo). I have an example of this tool-Grandaddy did have one that was opened-found in the same drawer- it works quite well.

I don't know if the Topps Products. Co. that made this fifty years ago is the same one that still makes sports cards, but it just might be...

In any case, this is a nice little piece of horological history. When is the last time you saw anything watch-related that metioned inches instead of millimeters? I doubt you'll see another like it, either in or out of the packaging. If you like unusual items, this is a nice addition to your collection. If you just want a relatively inexpensive watch strap tool, with no moving parts, it still works perfectly!

$12.00 shipped and paypaled to the CONUS/Canada. International $1.50 additional. e-mail: buggadad (at) hotmail dot com, or PM.
If you have any questions, please ask!

I have purchased several watches over the years on several forums as "buggadad". That is also my eBay ID, feel free to check me out there if you like.
Once again, thanks for reading my post!


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