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Up for sale is a SEIKO Automatic Diver 6306-7001 as recently purchased on Yahoo Auctions Japan. This is the Japanese Domestic Market cushion case diver produced between 1976-1980. It is powered by 21-jewel 6306 movement with second-setting function (hack). Day of the week has English and Kanji of course.

Production date: February 1977.


I have no knowledge ot the watch's history but I believe all original except possibly replaced bezel insert.

Original dial and hands in overall very good condition though the hands have aged to a slightly yellowish tone but no lumping or crumbly lume or black spots, just fading due to age (not apparent on pics, will try providing better pics if someone is really interested).
The dial looks "good as new" but only glows weakly at night so I have no reason to believe it is a replacement. I saw some examples of 6306-700x and other Seiko divers that also have different lume colors so I believe both the dial and hands are original to the watch. Bezel rotates bi-directionally and clicks with no play.

that bezel insert is very nice --only the slightest dots/dings, no network of small scratches as one would expect-- and the "dot-and-arrow" marker does not exactly match 12 noon sharp, rather clicks on either side to 11:59 or 12:01, which leads me to believe some *@#&^$* went and replaced the bezel insert, and couldn't even align it straight !?? ...unless this happens at Seiko factory or overhaul? ...this is for buyer to decide.

Case and case back are in very good condition with some light scratches, but untouched.
Edges, corners, and original factory machining lines on top surface are still visible, and as clearly visible on attached pic the "Tsunami / Hokusai" wave logo on the case back still retains its grainy background and has additional age patina, indicating the case back has NOT been polished ever.

Movement and day-date setting mechanism are in good condition, service history unknown but the watch runs sharply and even with a bit too much enthusiasm : worn on the wrist for a week it gained one minute per day in a very regular and accurate way (30 seconds gained in morning, same at night, checked twice daily for a week)
=> as an overhaul is highly recommended before use, it will be easy to adjust movement speed.

Not water-pressure tested, but crown locks very tightly and watch has resisted washing dishes as well as showers in the last week!!

No strap and no bars included (bars on pics were old, not recommended to keep anyway so I removed them)

Price: $400 plus postage and Paypal fees if applicable

NB> thanks for being patient if you PM me, I don't spend all my days on the computer, less even on SCWF :)


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