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Just got this last week PRICED TO SELL

Tsunami classic 71/100 complete with bracelet, removed links included, wood box, pillow, Jake/Dagaz card.
New dial, crown, bezel insert, hands installed by: NEWW, Duarte who is the Dagaz authorized repair center in RI.

Not sure why some previous owner had these items replaced as there are no flaws or issues with any removed parts I can see?? "
no logic in the watch hobby" ...

Replaced parts include: spare extra dial, hands, bezel insert, crown. NOTE: 2 TINY screws are missing from the link tubes (for bracelet sizing) Jake has them at Dagaz @ $15 each fits my 7in wrist.

TZ=mint condition. no trades.

**SOLD** $525 net shipped CONUS PP and shipping fees included
:rodekaart email direct: [email protected] :rodekaart


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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