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This is a Seiko military, I believe SRP169 Japan model. I got an original Seiko SNKF11 dial, hands and a Seiko Stargate seconds hand installed. This watch is 40mm in diameter and has 20mm drilled through lugs. Hacking and hand winding movement. The watch is in excellent condition 90-92% at least, with hairline marks around the case, bezel, etc. no scratches, dings or dents. It runs well but I did not time it. Lume is usual awesome Seiko.

The case is well made and a higher degree of quality from the regular Seiko 5, I am including a new black Zulu strap and a Seiko box with warranty card etc.

It looks a little small on my 8 1/4" wrist and since I already have a watch with a similar dial, I thought this could go and make someone else happy. Since the parts are kind of rare it took me almost one year to find them, for the hands I had to buy a whole watch... anyway, this is an easy way to get a Pilot watch that Seiko did not build...

Priced at $325 via Paypal, including fees and shipping in the US. I am open to offers and trades. This is the only one around made entirely with Seiko original parts.

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