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Here we go gang......

For those of you who are not aware of these bracelets, Jonathan "Swedefreak" Koch reproduced the Seiko H-Link bracelets that were common on most Seiko chronograph and sports 70m/Rally watches of the 1970's.

Jonathan's reproduction is vastly superior in construction as it offers solid links and are extremely comfortable when wearing.

After Jon's untimely passing I have been working with his family to move some of the remaining watch parts/invetory.

These are the very last of Swedefreak's inventory, when these are sold there will not be anymore available....Ever.


This East Tech H-Link bracelet is from my personal collection. It is the very last bracelet from Jonathan's estate.

**** SOLD ****

This East-Tech H-Link bracelet is new in the wrapper and comes complete with a pair of 6139-600x fitted end pieces and 19mm springbars

The price is $70 usd shipped within ConUS

International Airmail is available at an additional $15 usd cost to the buyer.

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