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SOLD. Seldom seen Citizen 8110A 67-9313 'Speedy' project watch, £45 shipped in UK

SOLD I had been hankering after one of these so I bought this non-runner in case I needed it for parts later. Only thing is, I don't like it on the wrist - too short/thick for my tastes - so no reason to keep it.

Movement runs intermittently and seemed to stop altogether after I put it on my winder. A member who knows far more than I do about watchmaking advised of the following issues after seeing a movement pic: "Someone has enlarged the hole around the minute register pinion [seeing it in person I am not sure if this is the case or of the dial has rather come forward causing the minute register hand to wear a circle of paint off - either way it is bad for the dial!]. At least one movement clamp and screw is also missing."

So unless you're a confident tinkerer who can live with the wear to the dial, I'd say this is one for someone who has a runner with a damaged case, since the case and lugholes on this look great - the bezel is decent in a WABId sort of a way too!

If you're looking at this you probably know how hard to find they are. Just want what I paid for it - £45 shipped in UK 1st class signed for, no fees to me please.

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