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SOLD: Seiko SNJ028 Gold Arnie Reissue (H851-00A0) - $283 OBO

For sale is a very nice Seiko SNJ028 Gold Arnie Reissue (H851-00A0). Lots of cool features on this one like solar, backlit LCD screen, timing bezel, stop watch, alarm, etc. Lots of YouTube videos highlighting the features. This one is in great condition. Everything works as it should. Crystal and bezel insert are clear to my eye. And the gold tone and black pushers, case, and keeper are lovely.

More photos here: Seiko SNJ028

Includes full kit, hang tags, etc. Also includes the stock silicone strap that it comes on (which is awesome) as well as the pictured Nato, which suits it perfectly. These things retail for $550 on the Seiko USA website: SNJ028

$330 OBO net to me and I pay U.S. shipping. Email [email protected] (delete the NOSPAMs)

Will list for a week or so, then off to auction, so let me know if any interest. Please don’t hesitate with questions, etc. Thank you.
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