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I purchased an SKX173 "salesman's sample" last week thinking it would be useful to complete a long-dormant SKX-mod project. It arrived today--late and completely misrepresented (missing gaskets and functional crown/stem)--and since I don't have the patience to chase down the remaining parts, I'm parting it out in the hopes of getting my money back out of it.

Condition (TZ Scale): See notes for individual items below.
Sale/Trade Price: Take all the parts for $75 OR BEST REASONABLE OFFER shipped, otherwise prices are noted below.
Payment Method(s): PayPal only, no E-Checks.
Email Address: colbydmay AT gmail DOT com

7S26-0029 Case ($40 OBO) and Caseback ($20 OBO)
Both case and caseback are in excellent condition (88%)
Light marks on the sides, probably from handling. They can be polished out.
There is some tape residue on the inside edges of the case where the dial was taped into place.
Marks on the polished surface of the caseback, but the "business side" of it is pristine.
What you see is what you get. There is no caseback gasket present. There is no crown or stem.
The crystal is scratch-free.
My assumption is that the bezel gasket and crystal gasket are present. The bezel turns exactly as it should with expected clicking and resistance.
My assumption is that a crown/stem and caseback gasket from another 7S26-0029 case should work just fine.
DO YOUR HOMEWORK before buying, however...I'm looking to unload this and have no energy to do any further research.

SKX173 Dial and Hands...$25 OBO
Excellent condition (90%)
Dial has feet underneath so it's not just a dummy. Should be fully functional. Same goes for the hands.
Note that this is a first-year (1996) SKX173 dial, which means it uses the same type of lume as the preceding 7002-series divers.
Lume on hands and dial is mediocre.

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