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sold: Seiko SKA423P1 50mm Kinetic multifunction watch £170

for trade or sale, this lunatic. pictured here on a leather but will come on it's bracelet, good for a 7.25 inch wrist but no spare links. Watch only.
these go for about £270 so trades about £185 or £170 for cash. two independent bezels, 50mm (!) including crown and 15mm high, calculates everything from speed to breast size (not really). condition is pretty much excellent, with only the lightest signs of use.

trades wise. swiss, sapphire. auto? one of those gold seiko stargates would also be tempting!

an excellent review below, the model reviewed has a slightly different colour scheme and is without the bracelet but otherwise it's the same watch.
- Brand


- Model number

Model # SKA425P1
There are two other flavours of this particular Seiko;
The SKA421P1 with a white face, red hands, red accents and a polished stainless steel case and bracelet.
The SKA423P1 with a black face, orange hands, orange accents with a TiCn case and bracelet.

- Vital statistics

Water Resistance 100 meters (333 feet).
Case Diameter: 49mm(including crown)
Case Diameter: 45.5mm(excluding crown)
Case thickness: 15mm
Lug width: 22mm
Weight : 216g

- Official or unofficial Nickname (if any exists)

I have only been able to find two potential nicknames for the SKA425, these being; 'Beartrap' and 'Squid', neither seem suitable for the watch in my opinion and I look to the community for something a little more apt.

- Movement information/review

Watch Movement - KINETIC 5M62
I have always preferred automatics to quartz watches though I am impressed by the Eco-Drive movements in my EcoZillas for both their accuracy and indomitable nature.
This is my first Seiko Kinetic watch and I was put off like many by the problems that early Seiko kinetic watches had with their capacitors.
After a little research I read that the 5M62 series of kinetic movements were introduced in August 2008. The older calibers would only run for two weeks on their reserve power. These new calibers claim to hold a reserve power of six months.
The button above the crown is the power reserve button which when depressed moves the second hand; 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds forwards, indicating a reserve level of; between 1 and 7 days, between 7 days and a month, approximately 1 month and between 4 and 6 months respectively.
I have heard of some Seiko kinetic watches suffering from the 'backlash phenomenon' especially it seems the BFK divers series and have seen a few offered at low prices on EBay due to this problem. My understanding of the backlash phenomenon is that the minute hand becomes loose when the watch is tilted at a certain angle and doesn't hit the minute marks correctly and with some watches the minute hand seems to become looser over time. I have yet to observe this problem with my SKA425 and hope that this is a problem that Seiko have now overcome.
I have appreciated watches for many years but it is only now in my later years that I have the time to appreciate and fully comprehend each particular movement's intricacies, largely due to these forums I have l gleamed so much knowledge and hope to continue learning, should any part of my review be inaccurate please prod me and point me in the right direction.

- Case review

Temperature gauge engraved on stainless steel screw-down back.
TiCn (titanium carbo-nitride) coated using the PVD (physical vapour deposition) method.
I have a seven and a half inch wrist when my blood pressure is behaving itself and the watch sits well and feels comfortable, somewhere in the middle of the 'goldilocks' zone. I tend to wear a SS Ecozilla most of the time and as most of you are aware virtually no other watch can compare to an Ecozilla in that matter of wrist presence. I like a big watch and the SKA425 is big enough for my tastes. I would happily play 'conkers' with my EcoZilla against any other watch but certainly not with my SKA425. Conkers is a traditional British past-time played with the seeds of a horse-chestnut tree should any confusion or consternation be caused by my usage of that term.

- Crystal review

The SKA425 has a recessed flat hardlex crystal that doesn't appear to have any anti-reflective coating as you will see in the photographs. I far prefer a recessed crystal over a crystal that sits flush with it's bezel, I feel that a recessed crystal adds an extra scratch protection element to a watch and I gave away my Spork recently rather than scratch it myself. I still get to appreciate it on a svelte wrist on a daily basis and it has of course allowed me to further my collection.

- Hand review

The SKA425 has luminous yellow accented hands with Seiko's proprietary Lumibrite luminescence.
These are without a doubt my personal favourite hands on any watch that I have had the pleasure to fondle and observe close up, though being a fan of lume I am disappointed that their luminescence isn't on a par with any of Seiko's divers. The hour hand really does look like no other hour hand with it's 'tail' improving it's legibility in low light conditions and is of course designed to be used in conjunction with the sun as a rudimentary compass, the minute hand extends all the way to the indices which feels to me to be a far more precise reading of the minute rather than a maybe, the second hand hits it's mark on every one of it's ticks and has a round luminous tail. All of the hands give a sense of precision to the timepiece in my opinion and it is such a shame that the second hand doesn't sweep. A lume shot will follow when I figure out how to use my camera properly.

- Face review

Date window at 4 oclock with black numerals on a white background.
A raised Seiko emblem which I feel is a rather nice touch.
I have read in some comments that most watch connoisseurs find the watch face to be rather 'busy', I personally find the face and it's busy nature to be interesting to my eye quite similar to the appeal of the Skyhawks and Flightmasters.

- Crown review

This particular model doesn't have a screw-down crown though some sites claim that it does have one, it is only 100m water-resistant and isn't a diver's watch after all. Both the crown and power reserve button are TiCn coated. The crown extends a little too far in my opinion and lacks a proper crown guard though in it's defense; I have been spoilt by my divers in the past.

- Bezel review

Bi -Directional rotating Tachymeter, Fuel Level, Fuel weight.
Uni-directional ratchet Bezel with indents at 1 minute positions.
The outer 'diving' bezel has a luminous pip at the 12 o'clock position and has the usual Seiko 120 clicks before returning to it's zero position, once again this feels precise, well machined and a little too satisfying, some of the more simple pleasures in life are the best and I really should get out more.
I have yet to properly explore the inner bezel and it's slide rule calculation abilities, I hope to add a Citizen Nighthawk to my collection soon and will update this review then with my thoughts on slide rules on watches, for the time being I see the slide rule function on the SKA425 as more of a design element rather than a serious addition with the numerals for calculation being on the outer aspect of the bezel rather than the inner, seemingly making precise calculations guesswork.

- Closing opinions and recommendations

The SKA425 came out in 2009, I have seen the prices range from £200 to £350 from watch dealers. I like it and I am really happy with my purchase, only time will tell the tale of it's accuracy and longevity. It certainly isn't like any other Seiko that I have seen and it seems that the design department at Seiko were in a most peculiar mood on the day that the SKA425 was given a production run. The SKA425 doesn't seem to be a popular Seiko which only adds to it's charm in my opinion, if everybody liked the same things it would be such a dull and boring world with little innovation and certainly no art.

- Pros

An individual and rarely seen Seiko, stealthy looking, great hands, the 6 month power reserve.

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