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SOLD! - Cleaning up my project drawer after realizing I was never going to get moving on some of these. I'm not listing these with a TZ rating as I'm selling them as parts.

Everything you see here. All movements work, but definitely need attention, or at least a good COA. 5 cases, 4 movements and one used crystal.
Top row, left to right - 7009-3160 complete watch, 6119-8273 needs second hand and crystal, 6119 movement and Sports diver dial, Seiko crystal
Bottom row, left to right - 7009-3161 case and crystal, 6139-6010 needs small chrono hand and has AM dial, Seiko cushion case, no back (maybe for a 6119?)

Disclaimer - other than the 7009-3160 I would say these are parts watches. Don't buy this lot expecting to throw these watches on straps and wear them as-is.

$100 via Paypal will get them shipped to your address, world wide. Please PM me with any questions.
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