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SOLD: Seiko parts bin

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Hi all, I've not been posting much recently as work and family life have gotten in the way of my hobby. I've also scaled down my Seiko collection somewhat.

Anyway I have a load of parts that I would like to offer. I'm not really able to spend much time listing separately and not looking to maximise my return. Just to move them on to somebody more active in the community than I am able to be for a fair dinkum price.

So offers invited; will ship worldwide; accept paypal or if UK BT or PayM. All i ask is that your offer should take into account shipping from UK and any fees for PP etc. If I don't respond to your offer it doesn't mean I'm being rude just that I may not be logged on all day or your offer is under consideration.

PM with any questions - hopefully pictures tell all. Unless it says Dagaz or Yobokies then it is original Seiko - except the bracelet and the 6309/7548 which are aftermarket parts.

If I get a fair offer you may find you get some bonus items :)

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Can I please clarify I'm after an offer for the whole lot. I don't want to split and have lots of shipments to handle. I'm getting enquiries from different people for different bits so if somebody does take the lot I'm happy to provide buyer with names of interested parties etc with their permission of course.
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