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I just got this on a trade, already modded. I was planning on doing something else with it but since it is already modded and the parts used are pretty scarce, I decided to leave it as is and just sell it without changing anything or even wear it.

The watch is a couple of years old and is in like new condition. Modifications include:

Raised and domed sapphire crystal
Silver chapter ring
MKII dial
MKII hands
Murphy bezel

It's on a original Z22 rubber strap and it will come in box with manuals etc.

I would like $325 including shipping and paypal fees if you want to use this method of payment. I am open to offers and trades. I am not looking for any particular trade at this time, however there are a couple of watches I would not mind, including Armida A6 C3e, Armida A7 steel, Hamilton 42mm khaki or similar, ideally a field watch about 40-42mm with 22mm lugs would be best. I am however open to consider any trade, if you have anything interesting, contact me and we can work it out.

Here are some pics, as usual sorry for any dust specs or link, etc.

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