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This SEIKO Bell-matic has been a "crown jewel" in the collection for quite a while but now it must move on to make room for an incoming "grail" watch. The pictures tell it all... as you can see, the clasp bracelet appears to be brand-new (no, it has not been polished, at least by me, I mean). The alarm ring and caseback are almost as perfect. You almost have to pull out a magnifying glass to see the tiniest amount of color fade on the alarm indicator. All functions work as they should and the alarm is loud and accurate. Note the foreign language day-wheel; an additional value-enhancer! This exceptional offering will enhance the collection of any serious WIS. Don't miss your chance to own a 99% quality Belle! I have never worn this watch and occasionally put it on a winder to keep the movement's lubrication circulated. $425 shipped in the U.S. Contact [email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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