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Well this is another one i need to sell
this one will need some clean up and some bits to make it look as it should
watch is original and unserviced
i have done a few things to this since i got it
installed a new Klein Vintage Watch 7548 320W34GA00 Crystal
changed out the very poor set of original hour and second hand to a better set i had (original ones are included)
changed out the original stem spring and added the stem washer which was missing

i am told it runs but do not have a battery yet as it is ordered and incoming and will be included
this is also missing the click ball
i have ordered a new 2 click balls and spring and are incoming and are included

crown screws down about 2.5 turns or so
watch has been used and shows that
case shows some honest wear and tear
very beautiful dial too which needs some cleaning too
email me with any questions and concerns
this is also sold AS IS...
what you see is what you get
i accept Paypal as long as YOU pay the Fees
watch will be shipped Insured Priority Mail Conus
i will ship worldwide at YOUR COSTS too
God Bless,John
i do have available at ADDITIONAL COSTS
i have ordered a nice original 7548 bezel insert and is incoming
i have ordered very nice original set of 7548 hands and are incoming
one Uncle Seiko Z199 with 7548 end links and spring bars
one Uncle Seiko GL831 with spring bars

i have this listed here and on Wrist Sushi
first i will take it gets it
here is the watch


6,155 Posts
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Watch SOLD

here are some of the additional items available for extra costs
7548 Original bezel insert

Original set of hands with 7002 dial

Uncle Seiko Z199 with 7549 End links

Uncle Seiko GL 831 band with spring bars

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