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For sale I have a slim case Seiko 6309 that I just got in trade. This watch has received a number of modifications covered below, from the original post written in October 2014:

“This Slim case 6309 has a 7548 movement that is running perfectly with a new battery.
The dial and second hand are NOS Seiko SBBN007 parts
The hour and minute hands are NOS Seiko Atlas parts
The crystal is original and has a barely visible scratch in the center (sorry could not capture it in the pics, but in the spirit of full disclosure)
Bezel turns with soft clicks
Crown screws down with 3 thumb turns
English/French day wheel.
All gaskets replaced, no pressure test, but passed the swimming test ok.
Case and caseback show signs of normal wear, caseback has several deeper scratches
Lume is nuclear”

I will add that the dial is not totally centered and in fact one can see that the date/day are a little off, I guess part of it is because of the difference in the movements. This can probably be improved a bit with a little tweak but I did not want to mess with it myself. I also installed an original Seiko SKX009 bezel insert instead of the Yobokies one that was installed before.

If you are looking for a like new watch this is not it. However if you are looking for a great grab and go daily wearer and you don’t mind the wabi, then this could be a great one. While the case could be considered a little rough, the clean crystal and dial/hands keep it overall nice looking. It will come with the rubber strap as seen in the picture.

I would like $225 OBO, I have paypal and for this price I can take care of the shipping (priority in the US) and the fees. I am always open to trades and offers, including an SKX007 for new projects for example or other Seiko watches.

I have a couple of other bezel inserts and extra straps if one is interested and even a like new SKX009 dial in case one wants to swap. I can include those for a little extra.

Here are a few pics:

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