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This is an abandoned project watch. Here's everything to know about the watch:

- Dial is original untouched dated 1977 in perfect condition. Still has the preserved red Water Resist text and slightly tanned lume.

- Movement is 6309A. Clean and no corrosion but only runs a few seconds after shake before stopping.

-Yobokies Insert

-hands are NOS replacement with correct part number but they glow bright.

-Case appears to have been polished but not badly.

- Stem has broken off from the crown. Crown screws perfectly fine with about 3 finger rolls.

Although I could probably get the same amount by breaking down the watch and selling the parts individually I prefer to sell as is. Perhaps with a little TLC this would make an excellent daily driver.

I'm asking for $300 shipped international. Preferred payment through WireTransfer, western union or Crypto currency. Did I say I hate paypal?

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