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FS: Vintage Seiko 6139-6032 Speedtimer $Sold
FS is Seiko 6139-6032 in excellent condition. This is a rarely seen model with beautiful cream subdial and orange inner bezel indices and "Speedtimer" designation. I've never seen this model in the wild and seen it only on the post about 6139s on WUS. Chrono functions (inner bezel and rest to -0-) work perfectly (see pic #6). This particular watch is polished - case, band, everything. The lines are crisp and it could be taken back to brush finish (which I may ultimately do), but for some reason, it totally works with this watch! This is one of the best Seikos I've owned in terms of the look and wrist presence. Nice size for vintage at 41mm. Remember, these 6139s curve to wrist and are incredibly comfy. Original H-link bracelet is almost full length to fit wrists up to 7.5". The coke bezel, cream subdial, and orange accents make it like no other. Timekeeping is excellent.

There are minor condition issues to disclose: there is the thinnest, faintest of scratches on crystal - so thin it took me several tries to catch it as it is not visible on the wrist. You may be able to catch it in pic #6. Crystals for this model are easily sourced. Two tiny dings on bracelet clasp. The inner bezel has lost it orange from 37-42 and 54-60. There should be no orange from 12-15. If you want to bring it back to museum quality, that is available online as well. Don't know if you've noticed, but market for all good quality 6139s is going up with no end in sight. The market for rarer models is even more aggressive.

This is simply a model you'll not see come up much. Prior to buying it, I had never seen one. This Speedtimer model was made for the Japanese market and has a Kanji only day wheel. Again, rarely if ever seen for sale. Please send me a PM with email address for more pics. Thanks for looking.

Price is $sold shipped CONUS.


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