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Seiko 6139-0001 chronograph. It looks as though the case has been polished in the past and the watch will stop when the chrono seconds hand is engaged and reaches 11:59. Crystal is scratched but not thrashed.

The watch will run and keep time if the chrono is not engaged and the pushers reset the counter hands to zero.

This is the sum total of my knowledge of this watch.

Paypal only please. I will cover fees and shipping in the U.S., shipping outside the country at actual cost. Email at gspanias at gmail dot com is best but PMs will work also.

PB020233 by vinylgreek, on Flickr

PB020234 by vinylgreek, on Flickr
PB020235 by vinylgreek, on Flickr
PB020236 by vinylgreek, on Flickr

PB020237 by vinylgreek, on Flickr
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